"We are not trying to empower women. Women are already empowered just by being women. We are changing the paradigm by establishing Empowered Freedom through Empowered Choices.”
God Loves Me Too Mark
Kimberly McDonald-Walden
Founder/CEO GLM2 Foundation, Inc


We are a Nonprofit, 501 (c) (3), dedicated to eradicating the damage caused by sex trafficking and domestic violence by building and providing safe dwelling places and long-term aftercare for women, and their children, who have been affected by these eternal brutalities.


We are passionate about sustaining a long-term healing environment for those who are on the journey to overcome their traumatic past. By building a secure, safe housing neighborhood and partnering with trauma-informed counselors, physicians, addiction specialists, education visionaries, vocational trainers, financial planners, pastors, manufacturing distributors, social enterprise professionals, security/safety specialists, legal counsel, and music, art, and equine therapists, we can provide the platform for restoration and give life to the family bond.