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Sex Trafficking occurs when someone uses force, fraud, or coercion to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or causes a minor to commit a commercial sex act.  (Source: Shared Hope International)

Sex Traffickers Target

  • Schools
  • School/Community Sporting Practices and Games
  • Playgrounds
  • Dog Parks
  • Social Media
  • Runaways
  • Methodical ways of romancing by pretending to be a good boyfriend who provides nice gifts and an escape away from parents

Sex Trafficking Common Places (Hiding in Plain Sight)

  • Professional Sporting Events
  • Motorcycling Events
  • Airports/Airlines
  • Street Prostitution
  • Swinger Parties
  • Reflexology Services
  • Massage Parlors
  • Acupuncture Services
  • Residential Brothels
  • Escort Services
  • Online – Craig’s list
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Truck Stops
  • Hostess Clubs/Cantina Bars
  • Exotic dancing and stripping establishments
  • Any place where pornography is used

What To Look For:

Possible Signs of Someone Being Trafficked

  • Lack of freedom (Signs of being controlled)
  • Few or no personal possessions
  • Lack of knowledge of whereabouts, frequent movement inconsistencies in story
  • Does not know key information about employer or boyfriend
  • Not in control of ID documents
  • Signs of physical abuse, malnourished, lack of healthcare
  • Owes a debt and cannot pay it off, paid very little, has a quota

Under 18 and Engaging in Commercial Sex

  • Relationship with an older man, constant communication with multiple men
  • Possession of clothing, jewelry or cell phone that would typically be unaffordable
  • Tattoo/branding marking as property of a pimp
  • Works during school hours
  • Works excessive hours
  • Working without proper supervision or monitored excessively
  • Engaged in begging, peddling or the illicit economy
  • (Source: Polaris Project)

Talk to your Children: