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Participants must commit to a 2-year plan, with the first year at no cost to them. Once participants have completed their first year, they will be given the opportunity to use learned budgeting skills to pay their monthly bills for rent, utilities, etc., as they will have been employed for twelve months. The program provides a safe environment to practice life skills before participants are out on their own. All “monthly bill” monies will be donated back into the existing programs to generate continuing funding. The maximum stay for any participant is 5 years; however, GLM2 will remain a lifetime resource for all graduates. Our success plan will offer each participant a completion of education and/or vocation skill set, employment history, rental history, escrow program to purchase their own home, parenting skills, a foundation for self-worth, proactive solutions to real-world problems, and rehabilitation to be able to live life with the hope for a brighter future for themselves and their children.